Ride with a G?

What you talking about

you can go with that convo

I need a REAL man

to be about what he says he is about

So we can work it out



” One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain!”

This is a LIE

For out of my eye

A tear falls 

To those that feel no pain

They receive no gain

For without PAIN

A thousand smiles shows joy



MERCY-meaning: tenderness of the heart, a blessing……


Memory intact and I forgave and I forgot, forgiven 

Yeah, I told GOD ya’ll didn’t mean to do what you did

Wait a minuete…even if you did I let the PAST be the PAST

I am living in the present which means “NOW”

So thank GOD for my new heart,

and my renewed MIND,

that I can have MERCY on you and let the trash that I let go 

be behind me and move forwards to a future

Of love, 

blessings, and UNITY’

I couldn’t call myself a CHRISTIAN if I held onto everything.

So YES I forgave myself finally for not forgiving you,

JUST know that JESUS loves me and it’s time to focus on bigger and better things,

and not let what you did to me get to me.





Last year

“Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own doorstep is unclean.”

Snow= The water vapor of the atmosphere precipitated in partially frozen, white, crystalline flakes.

Meaning: Worry about you before you worry about someone else.

We on….and we ain’t stopping, like a firecracker we are going to make SUCCESS crackin!!!

Meaning: We the People as ONE can be Successful and light up the air like independence day!!

“Ya’ll Haters are hell PUNY.”

Meaning PUNY: small and weak, underdeveloped in size and strength, petty or insignificant.

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