REST= The refreshing quiet or repose of sleep. Relief from anything that wearies.

RESPECT= To treat with consideration, and to avoid interfering with or intruding upon.


I ask you for RESPECT man, and you asked me,

“What the hell is that?”

I simply replied, ” Your whack if you didn’t know that…

First off I RESPECT those that have respect for me,

not for the ones that love to dirt behind the scences,

and be two faced, and humiliate me.

So I need to remove myself from you,

and REST,

so that I am no longer feeling like a TEST,

and I can be blessed

with a man who will love,

RESPECT, cherish, be loyal, and honest,

not someone who can’t keep their promise and their word ain’t shit,

A man who likes me, accepts me, and most importantly remains faithful and not commit adultery.

So, I will REST in GOD,

Respect myself,

and let your ass

bury your self.

So RESPECT my wish

and go somewhere else with your bullshit,

and play games with the bitches who love to be insane and like when a man runs game.

And let me rest and be on my way,

so I can respect the fact that you weren’t never gonna CHANGE!



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