In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma but never let him be the period.

Never let the enemy get the best of you

Demons surround you just to tease you

Let the haters talk

You just shine on them

and RISE to the TOP



4 thoughts on “In the sentenc…

  1. I’m well aware of this history
    Because I’ve read His story,
    That through His crucifixion
    I have an eternal qualification.

    From sin and shame, I was purged,
    As He was beaten and scourged;
    My redemption, on a rugged tree,
    He bought, and now I’m totally free.

    But God had to forsake His only Son
    For a sinner like me to be won,
    And when Christ cried out to Him,
    His killers thought He was a wimp.

    I’m well aware of this victory,
    It was the mystery of His story,
    That it was on that fateful day
    The stone was rolled away.

    The earth shook from side to side
    Then the stone was pushed aside;
    The Son of God was unstoppable,
    So the soldiers became incapable.

    The tomb guards fell so deep,
    They were all deathly asleep,
    While Christ walked out safely
    To bring us salvation so freely.

    As He promised, He was on track,
    Death could not hold Him back;
    He arose! My Jesus lives!!
    And abundant life, He gives!

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