You are WHO you ARE… this Journey called LIFE!!

I am here thru it all and I am not going to let you FALL….because now the season is spring and it has sprung…..:)

macmamaz EmmaMae

You are who you in this journey called LIFE…..
The journey has begun,and you are searching for your WAY!
The path may be narrow
And the road may be torn
All u have to do is Believe,
and you can Acheive.

I know just one thing
That I’ll find in my mate
Smiling for me now….
With all luv and NO hate

Escape the beaten path … make a BRAND new
As we are different,UNIQUE, we are still very few….
I Always wanted to stand along beside you…
You can hold my HAND and I shall show you and guide it too!
As walkin all alone…
Isnt what I am used to
Never so far…never so wild
Never did my path seem so insecure and mild.
Yeah, its the journey of life and it’s a battle.
You don’t know whats going to come next,
So we should never be so…

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