Belligerenent, What it means

Belligerent means a nation or person engaged in war. For example a person can be combatant. 

Love can become BELLIGERENT, due to he/she say. This can cause misery to invade where love stays so that the misery can get excitied off destroying what they LUST for. Lust means to WANT, which leads to ENVY, and envy leads to hate, which can cause a relationship to completely be torn apart. This I can relate too, since I let my daughter’s father, so called friends  break down my household by listening to their personal problems. This can also cause paranoia due to feelings being carried away by other people’s thoughts. I can’t blame them, only myself, because I should of not let the yoke be divided. 

The three most important things to have in a relationship pertaining to LOVE is:




but the greatest of them is LOVE! 


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