Vision? What is it?

Vision is a dream that is fulfilled

It is not a land of make believe

It is goals achieved

Dreams that sore

and it’s opening up a new life, 

like opening up a closed door. 

Visions are fulfilled when you believe you can

Visions are maintained by goals in life that are more than just focusing on silver platters 

and GOLD

So I Emma Mason had a dream to met a KING named Clifford

He is my mentor

and he has touched lives of others 

and so R.I.P. to those that lost their LIVES

R.I.P. to those that are dead and gone

and RESPECT INTERCONNECT and Provide new things learnt so that you can put your best foot forward and take suggestions from those that actually care!


2 thoughts on “Vision? What is it?

  1. Desires are achievements that actually start. Without desire than you will fall in a trap of people who believe to FAIL, due to weakness in their LIFE that they should of threw away years ago…..

    If you have a DESIRE to WIN
    Than you shall
    Those that feed negativity are weak
    and are lost in their mind like a LUST
    to want and not have
    because they don’t know what it feels like to shine
    So they BUST people’s bubbles
    They rain on other people’s parades
    They’re happiness fades
    Since they chose a LIFE to THRIVE off
    Other People’s GRAVES!

    * We can reflect on the PAST tense for so long that eventually it can become your FUTURE! It will run you in circles and you will never move, because your USED to a life of being BATTERED and BRUISED!

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