Can you learn?

So you ask me a question

and I have a answer for you

YES I can LEARN to LOVE a trouble man

Who is filled with love inside

and a madness that thrives to be the best man he can be…

For I would rather die alone than be someone else’s door mat


and see where LIFE can lead US

as we proceed…….


One thought on “Can you learn?

  1. As a new Character that is never scared,
    but a spirit that is wounded,
    “might I add is not yet broken….
    Is looking forward to being a BEAUTIFUL QUEEN
    to a man that is and still is a KING.
    For I am tired of living a life full of thorns’
    and I am sick and tired of benign abused and scorned,

    For I am weak
    but not weakened
    I am stronger
    but not strong
    For it is not easy to live a life of adversity
    and gain misery from OTHER PEOPLE”S PROBLEMS that tend to be a sad, sad song
    and find yourself to be stuck in a life that is never taken for granted
    but is cherished and is blessed to be
    Thankful for the LIFE I used to live
    and what I am soon to be

    So now I believe I can JUMP
    and I can FLY
    and take one day at a time
    To shine on you suckas and wish you well and not grime
    so hats off to you
    I chose to LOVED
    and no longer beaten by the TIME
    when you had the first laugh
    and thought I was losing my mind

    I am back now’
    and I am ready to rise and shine

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