Loosen LIP is forbidden WHERE WE come from

STAY quite,
Fix our Catholic HERRitage
for we are TIRED of the PIGS
and got PEACE from the RIB
Of Adam
Saul and PAUL
Thank God for the SEASONS
that’s how we KNOW it ALL!
from the Disease of Leportard SEA!
On our BENDED Knees as GOD bless THem that MOCK the LORD
JahwaH, omega and ALPHA


4 thoughts on “Loosen LIP is forbidden WHERE WE come from

  1. Jehovah LORD CHRIST loved US and now we are dealing with JUSTICE as WE BE KOOL
    Don’t LISTEN to FOOL’s
    those that PERish and LAUGH
    I suggust you finish basic MATH!
    I and O’s don’t u KNO’
    It’s Water Works
    Jesus rose on the 1st and the 3rd….
    to Bless those that can REVERB…..
    Penta TION
    thank God k33p OUR Men and Women SAFE
    We sometimes forget to say GRACE
    But thank God for the DAY
    WE kissed the ABUSE away!
    Jesus Christ the price was PAID
    Forgive our CHILDISH ways
    for it’s always YAH WEY!
    Spoken TONGUES are not meant for EVERYONE!
    will be TAUGHT and can’t TEACH
    BLIND by the FOG
    and FOUND by the RAIN
    Thank God we have BLACK MOLD in our WINDOWS that PAYNE!
    Stockton California is the SUNshine
    Golden Gate
    remember those that HATE and KILL for FAKE
    and LEAVE US alone for noone KNOWS the Sleeping Giant
    lives on HAWAII Anyways!
    It’s a ONE MAN, WORLD and those are DESTROYING CLOTHES ARE getting OLD,
    But YOUNG for TURKEYS are CLEAN animals but the HENS are a MESH
    CORN, CAB BAGE god PLEASE MAKE ORANGE coun ty HUSH for they never KNOW
    that those WATERPIPES in the MOUNTAINS will BLOW!

  2. Confidence? What does this mean to me: Let me explain:
    I believe in having confidence in your partner,and yourself: THIS is very crucial so that you and your partner can maintain the same exact feelings towards MADDNESS that others might try to put in your head that will try to bring you and your partner to argue and fight. When you BELIEVE in one another than you can gain confidence in each other to know that no matter what people might say, they can’t tear you apart from ONE ANOTHER due to the fact that matter is over the mind, and what people have to say shouldn’t mind, because togetherness replaces doubt and produces power to BELIEVE< TRUST< AND HONOR your life partner.
    True enough people are going to attempt to come in between, or say things because they want to break the CONFIDENCE you and your partner built in hope, respect, and thru faith. So no matter what people have to say gain confidence in ONE another, and let the haters talk about the life they wish to have.
    This happened to me numerous of times and I learnt to control rumors by not letting people control who I am inside, due to the fact we all walk in different shoes and we all have come from different lifestyles, I chose to put my best foot forward and never look back!

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