“No matter What…No matter where….No matter how far….I love my Star….for the light in him…YES it still shines! Whether he used to grind, it don’t matter, he changed his life, and he changed my LIFE too, WE ain’t dead, We Still stand, We still go, No matter what a beating of a man UNFOLD! Life is short and I am getting OLD, so it’s time to mature and be greater than the enemies that give me adversity! So I for give them GOD, I know that they didn’t mean it….Believe me pain is a small thing to a JOHN, and we can overcome any of the BULLCRAP you think your selling!* Love don’t cost a thing!*”

You get more RESPECT when you stay yourself, and when you change you maintain, the sanity, and let them be INSANE, in the membrane. WE rise above the influence, WE just let go, and let GOD deal with it, fo sho:)

Te amo por vida


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