What does RECOVERY mean?

First of all in order to deal with RECOVERY: you must know the defination of RECOVER!


Recover: To regain after losing: restore, as ONESELF, from sickness or the LIKE! To cover again!!!!! 

So the anxiety

the stress is gone

 Living LIFE to the fullest 


Cause I can,

Wam Bam…..thank you man

I’m grown 

and changed to a maintain’

the sanity of the mindframe

Shinning on the suckers

who keep CHALLengING me….

Walking with the LORD

Praying for HELP

Giving Christ the BEST of me’

For dealing with the Enemies

and changing ,me

To rebuke the rumors

and not listening

CAN you hear thee?

When he speaks to the communties

It’s not about nationalities

it’s all about UNITY…/

to come together as ONE

to be joint together as TWO

Recover+Recovery= REcriminate


Dealing with the men





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