I live

I live by the BOOK

I live by the code

I stick to the rules

of the TALL TALES 


You laugh

I laughed

You cry

I cried

You smile

I frown 

Truth is YOU LIED!

Too many times

too many days

I see your still stuck to your PAST EVIL ways!

So I am saying goodbye’

and hello to my LIFE

to live in the sky

and being able to FLY!Image



5 thoughts on “I live

  1. I have nothing to be sorry for
    I have nothing to apologize for
    I have nothing to say
    Except I can pray for you
    That you will change that tongue lashing that causes
    Trust me it’s just straight ENVY
    YUP so God will provide the PATH
    The moon will light the way
    To be a person who stays out the way!
    For we are not superman
    WE can’t save Everybody
    All we can do is make a way to stay
    Real and away from the FAKE!

  2. On purpose
    I fell deep in love
    not just love struck
    Feeling the words that he wrote
    Made me say I do
    and how to say I can do this
    to never mind what the blog say
    Just write the feelings from the heart

    • It’s not a joke
      I feel deep
      I fell yup
      and got back up
      When you haters pushed me away
      What do you say?
      Keep the words to allure
      and make know I am for sure!
      That I don’t just have thoughts
      but I am grown and I can think
      the thoughts that were killing me
      Turned me in to a new E
      So T, are you understanding
      the words that I am saying
      I ain’t complaining
      I ain’t stopping
      Just let the flow keep popping

  3. B.A.L.L
    Be Legit
    For there are people who strive to cuss
    and wanna fight
    and they think they have rights…
    To disrespect
    To talk shit
    When we Ball
    We stand tall
    never short
    never small
    money is the object
    to make the BEST of the REST
    those that REPRENSENT
    to those that want to call it quits’
    than well I can’t
    I just want to live my life
    and be the light the shines
    whether it be inside
    or outside
    I’d rather save lives

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