“He that Hates …

Haters hate

Players Play’

Ballers Ball

However put LOVE over Hate’

Come together as ONE


and we can make a better COMMUNITY

Pray for those that need a change of heart,

and watch GOD sit back and do his PART


5 thoughts on ““He that Hates …

  1. It can be hard to love people because love means handing over the remote control when we’d rather keep it. People take LOVE out of context all the time. I had a friend who thought love meant anticipating each other’s every need and rushing in to fix it, before anything was even broken. I simpy admited I used to think the same way. We also agreed that we thought love meant feeling the same way about political issues, personalities, and what time time to turn the lights off at night. I could never imagine arguements as a part of love, but it is. LOVE is a committed choice to be there in everything. Love also is a commitment to keep choosing to love even when you don’t feel like it. Love comes easily but LOVE is hard. Love is the fruit of the spirit that gets us past the being nice and learning to love others when loving people is hard to do.
    So thank GOD for taking away the hurt,hate, and the pain, and making LOVE fulfill my heart, renew my mind, and fullfill my soul once again! *In jesus NAME*

    • Leaving the Past in the PAST
      and I am keeping it there
      Not letting the haters
      take me there
      They’ll be pissing in their underwear
      hoping that someone will met me there!
      Act like you don’t care
      act like your selfish
      and ACT like you don’t care
      TEST tubes ” ya’ll eventually…”
      REAL they will see……
      Praying for a SAVED COMMUNITY!

  2. currently T.I. I am staying with my lawyer and a close friend at 1509 Silvercreek Circle Stockton, Ca 95207, she took me in when no one else would! So I am giving you ALL THE INFO…tHANK u AND God Bless 🙂

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