They bloom all year long

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It isn’t just fossil fuels that are a finite resource–rubber is another substance in high demand, and short supply.

The latest estimates suggest that global demand for rubber is expected to outstrip supply by 20 percent, by 2020.

That will inevitably lead to raised prices–bad news, considering just how many items made of rubber we used day-to-day. Tires, being a significant one.

Dutch scientists and a common garden weed may be along to help, according to CNN. The scientists work at biotech firm KeyGene, and the weed is the humble dandelion, whose roots contain latex–a natural rubber.

It isn’t the first time a company has looked into dandelions as a source of rubber, nor other natural sources–orange peel has previously been suggested. But as the need becomes more pressing, it’s gone back on the agenda.

Dandelion roots aren’t really sufficient for the quantities of rubber required to meet global demand, so…

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