Reason= normal powers of the MIND!!!!
Never give the DEVIL reason to make you insane
Don’t play the GAME to give them a season
to treat and trick
cause you can mentally become SICC!
So when they call you names, and they point fingers at you….
Don’t let the distress drive you to kill
because you give them the thrill
and that just makes you ill……
So be all you can be….
Just don’t let the peer pressure drive to a point of no return,
because you might get BURNed……
so LIVE, LEARN, and Correct Yourself
and let the ONES that TALK shit deal with the cards that they DEALT
and let them destroy the walls that they BUILT!!!!


One thought on “t_i__wallpaper_by_ebs2hott4u.jpg

  1. Rebellion+ rebound= SOUND-MINDED

    When you rebel
    than only the HANDS OF times shall tell
    Which way the clock TICKS…..
    So never be on the REBOUND
    because you could be spellbound…
    Lost than you will be found
    at the alter
    Where I found you in the First PLACE…
    Because Second is never Best
    and Third well you might as well be a caged BIRD!!!
    So stay strong
    Hold On’
    and never let the IDOTS bring you to their company
    Just be who you are
    and eventually you will go far!!!

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