A great writer reveals the truth even when he or she does not wish to.


” For to one is given by the Spirit the word of WISDOM, to another the word of KNOWLEDGE, by the same spirit.”

Meaning: You can’t understand the language of GOD until you fully understand the relationship that is developed between you and him.

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  1. A Good Man is hard to FIND……written by: EmmaMae aka MacMamaz
    November 27, 2011 Creoprincess EmmaMae2011
    A complaint made by many women is “a good man is hard to find!”
    That many men are selfish and to the needs of women they are so blind!
    And that some men physically abuse their women, …
    And some women abuse their men too….
    So yes this happens to be true But give the good man credit if credit he is due.
    For a GOOD MAN is not hard to find,
    Maybe it’s the MAN that you are attracting at the time!
    For the crimes men commit against women allow me to feel shame,
    Because as a woman I can surely say that WOMEN blame! It’s sad to say that some women like to play,
    They have a different man day to day.
    Then wonder why men are hard to find,
    They are hiding from all the women who like to lie!
    Some women abused by one man condemn all men as bad But they are generalizing and that seems a bit sad!
    I was once abused by a man and a woman…. I never gave up tho, Cause I found a GOOD MAN and on HIM I closed the door!
    I suppose there is some truth in that good men are hard to find,
    But not all men are cruel to women or aggressively inclined….
    They are tired of the games that some woman are trying to play,
    Men are companions but WE are pushing them away day by day!
    Some men are good and kind, And kindness shown by good men readily come to mind, Because some of us GOOD WOMEN are BLIND,
    Of the Past relationships that we once had, We can’t get PAST…..

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