1 Corinthians 12: 9


“To another faith by the same of the same SPIRIT; to another the gifts go healing by the same SPIRIT.”

Meaning: AS long as you Believe GOD can deliver you from anything, than it can happen. All you gotta do is pray, deliver, and ask GOD to pour out his spirit UPON you, and all things that shall be added unto you.


2 thoughts on “1 Corinthians 12: 9

  1. Life is crazy,
    and totally unpredictable…
    It’s going to push you over,
    … kick you while you’re down
    and hit you when you try to get back up.
    No matter what LIFE seems to throw at you never let it get the very BEST of you.
    Not everything can beat you unless you let it,
    We may do things in LIFE that we are a shame of or we might regret!
    Things are going to change you,
    and people will try to get over too…..
    The chocie is yours so chose it wisely,
    If you hurt someone apologize!
    Never let the facts of life be misguiding.
    Listen to your heart,
    Follow your dreams,
    Remember LIFE is what you make out of it even though it seems…..
    You Push the limits,
    Bend the rules,
    Sometimes you may let others in LIFE control you.
    Life is SHORT And enjoy every minute of it.
    Laugh at everything,
    Live for as long as you can.
    For if someone falls down give them a helping hand.
    Love all,
    But trust none.
    Believe in yourself,
    And never lose faith in others…
    ESPECIALLY yourself!
    Settle for nothing but only the best,
    And give 110% in everything you do.
    Live LIFE to the fullest with no regrets,
    Learn LIFES lessons as they come,
    Never put your LIFE at RISK for just anyone!
    Make some mistakes,
    Live on the edge,
    Yet stay safe,
    And cherish every moment of it.
    Life is a gift,
    Appreciate all the rewards,
    And jump on every opportunity.
    You might miss out for reacting stupidly!
    Not everyone’s going to love you
    But who needs them anyways.
    Rememeber LIFE is what we make out of it…
    Live it day by day!
    Challenge everything,
    And fight for what you believe.
    Back down to nothing,
    and stick to the POSITIVE energy.
    After all, LIFE is what makes you.
    Forget the unnecessary,
    But remember everything,
    Learn something new,
    And appreciate criticism.
    Hate nothing,
    But dislike what you want.
    Remember Lifes lessons are a TEST that was already taught!
    Never forget where you came from,
    And always remember where you are going.
    Live Life to its fullest,
    And have a reason for always knowing.
    The difference from RIGHT and WRONG,
    The Past is the Past so move along,
    The Present is NOW…..
    so adventure it forever…..
    The future is what you make out of it,
    Remember the chocie that you make could effect you forever.
    So Even if your LIFE is totally insane.
    Life your LIFE to the fullest…..
    and dance when it RAINS!

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