Just like me…..Jaime Foxx and T.i. Is a hit


I have no intention to be cruel to any of you HATERS

Like T.I. said :” I’ll wave to you HATERS, and say

“Hasta Luego,”which means ” SEE U LATER!”

So all ya’ll can say what you want

Like a FIRE ” I am still “HOT”.

So go ahead and be burnt if you chose to be

and I WILL pass you like monopoly

ain’t none of you HATERS stopping me!

As long as GOD watches over me’

and I bow my head to the LORD

I ain’t a 49ner I don’t search for the GOLD!!

I am a FacT in life

and this ain’t ”  THE PRICE IS RIGHT!”

So while your LIVING your LIVES

I am handling mines….

and no matter what I am doing just “FINE!”

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