“May i take your order? WE got hot wings? “

I laugh at this moment because I was working at KFC on hammer lane in The City of Stockton,  California known for the GOLDEN STATE. I was embarrassed and worked there for 3 months, and than moved up and became a student at Heald Buisness College, we I was taught by the coolest teachers, touched by the PEERS, and most important recovered from my “State of Depression!” What made me better was music, church, my kids, the community that out stretched their hands to me, but my inspiration came from MR. Clifford Joseph Harris JR aka T.I., aka T.I.P. and TuPac resurrection book. Also Mr. Elder John L. Ganaway Sr, who is no longer here with US anymore. So if I can do it than you surely can. With all do and respect my God continue to Bless and Endure on earth as in he


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