What should I be sorry for? Or should I be sorry to?

Never be sorry for anything you do

also ask for forgiveness and repentness too.

Never wonder what your apologizing for….

Just kick the devil in the ass

and open up the door.

Never let your mind control your HEART.

Never be sorry for what you have no control OVER.

Just climb thru the web of life like a spider caught in the WEB

Never mind what the haters say

they will fed you all kinds of bullshit

and than be laid up with the next TRICK.

That’s why i don’t trust anyone

Only myself

Ask T.I.P. if you think you got problems

Like the hand on a WATCH that ticks



One thought on “What should I b…

  1. For you I will climb
    For you I will strive’
    For you I will be the BEST bride that you could ask for.
    Why you ask?
    Because I put GOD ahead of my Life First,
    than Jesus Christ next,
    and The Man who hungers for my LIFE is THIRD.
    and you can’t make a Hoe a housewife
    but you can make a real WOMAN a BRIDE FOR LIFE!

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