Psalm 35: 9″ and my SOUL shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in HIS SALVATION.”

Meaning of benumb: To make numb, to deaden.

I am NUMB to this LIFE

So I fight to strive


TO save the lives 

of those that BELIEVE in GOD

that is my choice

so I numb my soul to those who FOOL themselves.

They LIE

They scream for HELP

and they feel as though GOD can be DEALT

like the cards of life 


they just don’t know how SIC this LIFE is

to see the BOSS of me

is me and the path that he provides for thee

to be equally yoked

like the oxen that leads the HERD

and like the NERD that I chose to be

yeah call it silly,

or whatever you want.

REMEMBER I can see and have sight’

to lead those that BLINDED by the NIGHT

I chose to be NUMB’

so if you don’t like it suck your THUMB.



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