Fools talk REAL loud but they don’t Run UP

meaning: people talk a good talk but don’t say it to your FACE


One thought on “Fools talk REAL…

  1. My Child….
    Sticky finger’s tangled hair,
    scattered crayons,legos left everywhere.
    Fancy artwork drawn on the WALLS,
    drawn by midget’s who stand over three feet tall.
    “Tell me why and tell me how……
    that was mines, and I want it NOW!”
    “Fix my bike, make my bed, and Buy me gum.
    “If you have it MOMMA than we want some.”
    Telling on one another,
    pinching,biting, scratching and all…
    These are the GOOD TIMES by MY CHILDREN that can’t REPLACED!
    Dirty faces, grass-stained knees,
    learning words like; pretty,may I, and please.
    Endless hugs & goofy wet kisses,
    learning respect with ‘Mr.’ & ‘Mrs.
    Scraped-up hands, from falling down.
    WOW what’s next? Shall I guess?
    These are the moments that I am still BLESSED!
    Need more paper ‘ for Santa’s letter?
    I wasn’t so bad today at school but I’ve been better.
    Watching movies over and over again,
    Untill every word is in your HEAD, WILL these MOMENTS never END?
    Mom he hit me, Mom she’s being mean….
    These are MY CHILDREN who have BLESSED ME with these THINGS!
    Losing teeth, always willing to compete, and YES driving me WILD,
    all in the life of MY Precious Child !!
    *Dedicated to ALL THREE OF MY BABIES, kiki, javion, AND jemari
    and to the rest

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