“I have decided to stick to love. Hate is too GREAT of a BURDEN to BEAR!” MLK, JR.

Happy Birthday



3 thoughts on ““I have decided…

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      • so Excitement fills the air…
        Joy unspeakable….
        Smile on my face…
        Thanking God for His Grace.
        Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
        Knowing Jesus is the Great – “I AM”
        Blessed as I go and Blessed as I’m coming..
        Jesus Christ the Light of the World ..
        Living Water and Bread…
        Grateful for the Truth…
        Sinner, once was I
        Filled with His Spirit..
        Humbly I bow my head..
        Remember my days of old and looking ahead..
        Jesus, crucified …..
        On a tree for me…
        Lost but now found
        Bound for Glory…
        The Hope of all Ages..
        The One God O’ Israel..
        Should your blinders fall to the ground
        And behold Your King?
        Pray for you, I do…
        And as the Word reads
        Blessed are you who Bless Israel and cursed be you to
        those who curse you…
        The God of Abraham Issac and Jacob
        I’m happy to Know…
        He saved my soul …
        From much sorrow.
        Everlasting Father and Prince Of Peace
        When you looked on me
        in such a sinners state, did it grieve thee?
        You picked me up and turned me around and placed my feet on solid ground ..
        I will nor fret nor fear…
        I rejoice because you are always near…
        At a Pentecostal altar I did repent …Set free and was Born Again!!!!!
        – My thoughts this Morning
        Of a most Merciful and Faithful God!!!
        Thankya JESUS for without you I could not see ♥

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