“I have decided…

“I have decided….

To change my LIFE

To live the life I always wanted

To ignore the haters

and to contiune to Follow Jesus Christ


6 thoughts on ““I have decided…

  1. I= if you love you finish want you completed,
    D= Don’t dog those that use you
    E= example for ALL to see
    N= not being AFRAID to LIVE my LIFE
    T= to never make the same mistakes again
    I= I am going all the WAY
    T= to be something GREAT
    y= young at heart, and staying smart means…….that
    My identity is taken very seriously so it never falls apart.
    Love takes steps to work it out,
    when you doubt kick the haters on out!
    i pray everyday that GOD keeps me safe.
    If you talking crazy get to stepping…..
    I ain’t got time for bullcrap,
    Cuz I am on God’s time for his love and affection!
    Take it easy Haters,
    Love don’t come easy,
    It’ll drown your heart if you are sleezy!
    My identity is love GOD first,
    The rest is putting in work
    To love self second,
    Because I am gonna make it!
    Believe that
    Identity to me always makes me proud,
    So I am gona praise the LORD GOD above and say it LOUD,
    THANK YOU for making me who I am….
    Loving me and giving me my IDENTITY!!!!!

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