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Originally posted on VentureBeat:

We were promised flying cars, and we got 140 characters

To paraphrase investor Peter Thiel, we were promised flying cars, and what we got were 140 characters.

But while I’ve often felt that way myself, I think that complaint is a little too facile.

Thiel’s quip echoes a common lament among those, like me, who were drawn to Silicon Valley because of its legendary achievements: the transistor, the integrated circuit, the Internet, and the personal computer. (Well, the PC actually came from Florida, but it got out of that state ASAP, and it’s fair to say that Silicon Valley companies like HP and Apple had an enormous amount to do with the PC’s success.)

These were life-changing, even world-changing, inventions. So it’s a bit disappointing to survey the landscape of innovation today and see the brightest minds of a generation chasing comparison-shopping solutions, social media aggregators, and subscription commerce schemes for selling razors, condoms, and underwear.

In fact…

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